COVID-19 and Steroids for Sale

Things are getting rough globally because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are panicking, everyone’s encouraged to self-quarantine, to practice social distancing and good or proper hygiene, but really, what is COVID-19? 

COVID -19 is an infectious disease identified as new cluster pneumonia caused by a recently discovered coronavirus in Wuhan, China where it all started in December 2019. Researchers have learned that it’’s a kind of respiratory disease that reaches one’s respiratory tract including your lungs. It could cause a breathing problem from mild to severe, as described by the COVID patients and survivors, it was hard to breathe as though they were drowning. 

COVID-19 is not airborne, but the airborne transmission only applies to a confined place like a hospital setting. It is transmitted through droplets or little bits of liquid from an infected person. Proper handwashing is as important as wearing a mask. When you go out in public or somewhere that makes you exposed to different people, it is important not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Why so? The virus can get into your body through the mucous membranes that line your eyes, nose, and mouth. When it gets inside, it would enter a healthy cell to create new virus parts, it infects nearby cells, that’s how it multiplies. The most common symptoms are tiredness, fever, and dry cough, some patients feel body pain, aches, runny nose, nasal congestion, and sore throat or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild at the beginning. Some people infected with COVID-19 do not develop and feel any symptoms, they are called asymptomatic patients. The difficulty of breathing and being seriously ill usually occur at the later stage of the disease. People with pre-existing chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems, older people, and pregnant women are more at-risk to COVID-19 due to their weakened immune system. 


COVID-19 and Steroids for Sale

There has been a debate going around between doctors in China and Japan about treating coronavirus patients with steroids, the World Health Organization doesn’t agree with this and says they shouldn’t do unless it’s for a clinical trial. Note that you should be careful when you buy steroids USA domestic, there are lots of fake steroids in the market. 

So why and how would the experts conclude that steroids can treat or at least aid with the treatment of COVID-19? There’s actually no existing study that tackles on this.

As mentioned, COVID-19 was identified as a new cluster of a pneumonia case. What happens when you’ve got pneumonia? It is an infection that causes inflammation of the air sacs called alveoli. The inflammation makes it difficult for oxygen to pass through the alveoli going to the bloodstream. Alveoli, or the air sacs, may fill with pus or fluid that causes cough with phlegm or pus, chills, difficulty breathing, and fever. As you can see now, the inflammation caused by the infection makes things hard for the patient. Steroids for sale, in general, and in most cases, are being used as an anti-inflammatory drug. In fact, it is being used to control asthma by reducing swelling, inflammation, mucus production in the patient’s airways. If you need steroids for sale to treat inflammation, be sure to buy steroids for sale from a trusted seller. 


Although there are no concrete studies and research to prove this yet so it is still best to consult a physician if you have signs and symptoms of being infected with the virus.



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